Early Works

After giving up work as a self employed joiner Cliff spent  some time in a studio environment making art work, drawings and prints. His  interests and influences at this time were such artists as Sol Lewitt in particular his 'Wall Drawings' and Jasper Johns 'Flag' provided a source of ideas and methods that were to form a recurring theme through Cliff's subsequent work.

Baneri'r Beibl Baneri'r Beibl Baneri'r Beibl

Baneri'r Beibl, 1985.

      Ruth     Pencil-Drawing

Ruth, Print. / Pencil Drawing.

 Storyboard C.N.D.R.LL  1984 Aberystwyth Arts Centre 
              brith-gof-pax      Calendr        
Brith Gof Pax, ink drawing / Aberystwyth Media Group Calendar of Events

Images within the text are from the National Library of Wales collection

1. Baneri'r Beibl booklet 1985
1.1. Also a subsidiary company memo writing services, which will describe the picture

2. 'Ruth' screen print on paper

3. Pencil drawing

4. Floor plan for performance of C.I.ND.R.L.L 1984

5. 'Angylion' Ink drawing on Architects' paper

6. Media Group Calander  of events


Early works 1980's - Background Images

'Bastards' - Architects' transclucent paper / ink.
Horsforth, Leeds  - Joiner photgraphy/crayon/ink on card, Aberystwyth flags.
War memorial, Aberystwyth - Joiner photgraphy /ink/oil body print on card,  Joiner photgraphy on card.
Screen print primary colours on paper, Aberystwyth - Joiner phtography.
Horsforth, Leeds on card.
Bryn and Margaret - Joiner photography on card.
Bryn Y Môr and beach, Aberystwyth - joiner photography on card.
Ruth, Print.
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