The Barn Centre

Clifford's contribution to the wider artistic and local community in Aberystwyth was to enable and provide a focus for artist and members of the local community to work together through projects such as the media group, the dance project, the community print workshop. The Barn Centre project provided a low cost studio space out of which inspirational work was generated. Its impact is still felt today through the realised careers of those individuals and groups that were involved in that building. Cliff during his time as co-ordinator facilitated this groundbreaking work.

"it must have seemed providential to McLucas, whose aspiration was to work in a creative space of this kind in which fluid relationships between artists, and between artists and social organisations, might be formed. He achieved a great deal, both in terms of the projects which he initiated, and in forming a national profile for the Barn Centre."

Peter Lord




1. Cliff in Barn centre office, Photographer, Geraint Rowlands, private collection

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