About This Site

This webste was created by Gudrun Jones and Richard Urbanski from a desire to present the work of Clifford McLucas to a wider audience of artists, students and interested public. Gudrun's initial aim was to create a place to discover McLucas's work and offer an overview of his career from his early years in Wales up to his death in 2002. She wanted the website to provide sign-posts to Cliff’s work, show his development as an artist and give access to Cliff’s unpublished texts.

Gudrun Jones

When this work  was placed in the care of the National Library of Wales, my first thought was that I wanted people who were interested in performance / theatre, site specific performances, deep mapping and in the creative process in the work to further develop the ideas and their own work.
The work was bedded in the cultural and linguistic context of West Wales, but also had a place  outside of Wales and Europe.  As someone involved in a non-professional capacity over the 20 years and being witness to the complex work as it was created and developed, I believed that, a simple web site seemed the most appropriate, efficient and practical vehicle to sign post the location of your work at the National Library.
My hope is that people will be inspired by the work and will develop their own ideas, take on the digital media age, theatre, fine arts and always challenge the boundaries of possibilities within the arts and humanities.
I chose Richard who had been film-maker in residence at the Barn Centre in the 1980’s who I know would be the person to create the website that would be sensitive to the work, and motivate people to search out the work in the National library collection.
Richard Urbanski
I initially became interested in Cliff's work back in 1984 when I joined a small group of enthusiastic artists and students at the Aberystwyth Media Group exploring the wonders of filmmaking. Cliff was co-ordinator of the Barn Centre at that time, and I quickly realised the energy, wide range of skills and interests that he generously shared with the group. That work developed, as did Cliff into an international artist so when I had the opportunity of bringing his work together in this web format, I was intrigued how it would fit this evolving medium. His work naturally lends itself to being presented here in this way but I was surprised by how close and connected I still feel to those ideas, conversations and experimentation I remember from years ago. Cliff's energy grew with time, together with his instinct for exploration and new technologies. Perhaps his legacy permeates the ether as a digital pioneer before his time.

The images and text on show on this site are a glimpse from the archive at the National Library of Wales, personal and private collections, and was chosen to immediately reflect the range and diversity of his work. The site is a work-in-progress and we would like to receive feedback on how this could support your work and interests in the future.