Clifford McLucas

The MODx community has created many add-ons which can be found in the Repository, from image galleries and e-commerce to smaller utilities.

Simple is Better

We here at MODx believe Ockham's Razor is crucial for top-notch web development - the simplest solution is often the best one. So we've built MODx Revolution to be as simple and flexible as it can be, without compromising any of the power. All of our additions to MODx Revolution have to pass the test: "Is it crucial to the core? Should it be something that should be an extension or add-on? Is it easily extensible?" If the idea doesn't pass those questions, it doesn't make it in.

If It's Not Important, Why Have It?

Many Content Management Systems out currently sport hundreds of features built straight into them. This at first glance seems quite excellent; that is, until you realize you don't really need a Neon Sign Module or Automatic Farthing Converter in your website. At MODx, we make it a priority to only include features that are in widespread need; custom banana peel breadcrumbs wont make it in the Core. And, we make sure those features are generic and flexible enough to accommodate all your customization needs. You decide you do want the Dynamic Dog Shaver Plugin? No problem; create it with all the flexible tools, distribute it on's Extras section, and watch thousands of other users enjoy their nicely-groomed puppy pictures on their websites.